Global Macro Trending Fund

Автор: GMTF



Среднегодовая доходность

-77 %

Минимальная сумма

20 000

Максимальная просадка

-84 %



Доходность в
Условия подключения
Маржинальная торговля
Иностранные акции
Для квалифицированных инвесторов
Производные финансовые инструменты

Good day!

This strategy is suitable only for investors with the status of "qualified".

Our main task is:

- to ensure the profitability of investors in dollars in the amount of more than a deposit in Russian banks denominated in rubles during the time of troubles in the American market.

- in a powerful period of growth of the American market, to ensure a regular quarterly excess of the growth of the main American indices (in the common people alpha to the market)

We use a balanced combination of different ETFs reflecting economic trends. The work is carried out only in the American market with the most liquid ETF funds in order to reduce the problems of "slippage" of orders to zero.

What do we rely on when making our trading decisions:

- Geopolitics

- The rhetoric and actions of the Fed and other central banks

- Verbal and non-verbal interventions

- Yields of government bonds of key countries

- Strong support/resistance levels

- Weakening/strengthening trends of the major currencies included in the DXY

Attention strategy subscribers!

Sometimes leverage can be used when strong levels are reached in the S&P500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 and Dow Jones indices. Be emotionally ready for this.

Dear investors!

When connecting the strategy, focus on a time period of 1 year to obtain an average weighted return.